Canberra Christian Fellowship

Carols 2014






Our Band



"O come all ye faithful"


Canberra Christian Fellowship


Prayer: Rev. Jangwon Seo (Korean Church)



Chinese Methodists


Greetings from Aboriginal Church: Mrs. Chris Sloan



Above & below:   "Away in a manger" with the children





Bible Reading: Dr. John Owusu (originally from Ghana)


Above & below:    Tamils



Introducing the next carol


Above & below:    "The first nowell"






Talk:    Rev. Peter Nelson



Fijian Methodists


The Kadavu Fijian choir was visiting Canberra for a few days and joined our local Fijian friends for our carols.

The Kadavu choir were due to sing at Parliament House the following day.



"Hark the herald angels sing"


Blessing: Rev. Paul Tabulutu (Fijian Methodists)









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