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'Silent Night, Holy Night'


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Talk / Game Show

Contestant 1, Hostess Miss Spelling, the props man, Contestant 2, Adjudicator Daniel Dictionary, Host Peter Nelson.

Instead of a talk, we were treated to a TV style game show with host Peter Nelson, hostess Miss Spelling, adjudicator Mr. Macquarie and contestants Olivia Words and Daniel Dictionary. The contestants were required to nominate either consonants or vowels and then construct the longest words they could using the letters the hostess revealed. The adjudicator was kept busy, ruling  on the correctness of some answers.

One set of letters was N, E, M, A, L, E, M, U. The contestants managed shorter words but were unable to use all the available letters to achieve the best score.

The word EMMANUEL uses all those letters. It means "God with us". God IS with us and wants to be God within us!

EMMANUEL - God with us!


'Hark, the herald angels sing'


Samoan lady assisted by Fijians






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The Musicians


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