Canberra Christian Fellowship

Carols 2009

The calm before the storm (waiting to set up)


The Band


The Indonesians


Rev. Kevin Kim leading us in prayer


The Chinese Methodists


The Austral-Asian Choir


The Reid Korean Choir


The Samoan Methodists


Greetings from the Finnish Lutherans (Rev. Matti and Mrs. Ritva Nuorala)


The Papua New Guinea group



The Bible Reading (Mrs. Lea Nelson) and the Message (Rev. Peter Nelson)

We missed Chris Sloane from the Aboriginal Church who was eager to attend and read the Bible for us, but unfortunately unable to be with us


The Tongan Methodists


The Fijian Methodists and friends


Thank you to the Band


The Blessing (Rev. Abraham Tang)





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This page was last updated on 07 December, 2009