Canberra Christian Fellowship

Carols 2005


On 11 December we held our Christmas Service which we billed as a Multicultural Christmas Service as we had invited a number of different groups to join us.

We were blessed by the music and singing of the Fijian AOG Church, The Papua New Guinea Cultural Group, the Chinese Methodists and the City Church Tongans. On this occasion our friends in the Korean choir were unable to attend, although one of their number did read the Bible for us.

Rev. Abraham Tang provided the message for the evening. He spoke on “Christmas Gift”.

Jesus was God’s gift to us at Christmas. We should not leave God out of our Christmas celebrations. After all Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.

Following the service we had a supper (banquet) outside on the lawns where many people took the opportunity to chat with and get to know others who were there.

On reflection, perhaps it is fortunate the Korean choir and the Fijian Methodists were unable to come. We may have encountered a similar predicament to what Mary and Joseph experienced when looking for inn accommodation – no room. We understand a number of people were outside during much of the service due to the lack of space. What a good problem to have! Our best estimate suggests 140 people shared in our evening together.


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